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I am no longer the Stop Smoking Coach

I was Canada's Stop Smoking Coach for four years, and it was quite the wonderful and adventurous journey.

The process of building my own practise has lead me in other directions. At the moment I am a Reiki Practitioner (which is great for smokers, by the way, and I can do it at any distance - jillbinder.com) and a Virtual Assistant for other Life Coaches.

I didn't want to leave without leaving something that dispels the myths about quitting smoking, because there is a lot of misinformation out there. So I am leaving with the three ebooks that I wrote, free for you to take, use, and enjoy.


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Book 1 - How To Start

Book 2 - How to Cut The Cravings

Book 3 - How To Stay Quit For More Than A Day

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If you would like more info on what these books provide, please see the Ebooks page.


I am giving these away at no cost to you. However if you receive value from them and feel moved to do so, I would certainly appreciate a donation.


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